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Tangen bussterminal


Foto av åpen plass foran en stor belyst bygning og vann i bakgrunnen

Tangen Terminal is a large and important junction on the lovely Nesodden. It is actually Norway's busiest ferry service for passenger traffic, with frequent departures to and from Aker Brygge. 

Here you will find, in addition to a larger bus terminal, a free, open-air bicycle hotel, taxi, and a ferry terminal with an associated quay. 

You will find good waiting facilities with a panoramic view of the fjord. The popular Backstube café in the terminal building offers a range of goodies, but you can also bring your own food to enjoy in the café. They are open 05:30-21:00 on weekdays and 06:30-21:00 on Saturday and Sunday. 

Tangen terminal has several benches both inside and outside, and areas where you will find shelter from the weather. The terminal has been modernised, with handover to residents the summer of 2022. 

The summer of 2023, we established a new opening towards the Coastal path from the west, right from the terminal and past our good neighbour, the restaurant Signalen.

Velkommen til en naturskjønn og godt tilrettelagt ventestund. Terminalen er universelt utformet. Takk for at du reiser kollektivt.

Photo: Jean Lorentzen for Noma arkitekter AS

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