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Oslo bus terminal

Røde busser på gateterminal foran bygning.


Welcome to Oslo bus terminal. Norway's largest bus terminal, located in the heart of the capital's most central public transport hub. With Greenland's bustling life from the east exit, Jernbanetorget and Oslo city center from the west and Barcode from the street terminal, you arrive in the core of the city. 

From Oslo bus terminal, 400 express buses leave for all of Norway and Europe every day, in addition to regional buses and tour buses around the country. The red city buses run from the street terminal.

You get a lot of useful information by clicking on the link to Oslo bus terminal's website on the button at the bottom of the page. Briefly, we can mention that you will find luggage storage, café, kiosk, toilets and customer service with a smile at the terminal. The terminal is universally designed and offers assistance for people with disabilities (must be pre-ordered). 

Travel planner from Entur

Map of the area

Click here to see more information about Oslo bus terminal on their website.

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