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Here you can get help and find frequently asked questions regarding travel and about the company

Lost and found

Have you forgotten or lost something while waiting for a bus or ferry in Akershus or at the Oslo bus terminal?
We will gladly help you! Contact Oslo bus terminal, where we have our lost and found warehouse:
Have you lost or forgotten something on board?
If you traveled by public transport with Ruter, use this link:
If it was on a long-distance bus, you must contact the bus company you traveled with.

For travelers

See information about ticket purchasing on Oslo bus terminal's website, by clicking the link and choosing English in the language bar: Tickets.

We recommend downloading the Ruter and Entur national travel planner apps. They are updated in real time. It is also a good alternative to search for travel times on their websites. Click on the links, and choose English in the language bar: Ruter eller

At the larger bus and ferry terminals, there are screens with timetables displayed in real time.

You can pay by card on the travel apps by Ruter and Entur. Read more about ticket purchases by clicking the link, and choosing English in the language bar: Tickets.

Oslo bus terminal (OBT) has its own lost property office. Items left behind in the terminal area are handed in here. Click the link, and choose English in the language bar: Lost and found OBT.
If you have forgotten something onboard a bus or a ferry, you must contact the bus or ferry company you traveled with.

At the large terminals, there is often a kiosk, food truck, shop or café. Check the facilities at the terminal you will be departing from, by clicking the link: Facilities.

Check the facilities at the terminal you will be departing from by clicking the link: Terminals.

There is a toilet on the long-distance buses to and from the Oslo bus terminal. There are no toilets on the red city buses or the green regional buses.

If you discover errors or omissions, thank you for giving us feedback. Click the link: Contact form.

Thank you for reporting vandalism. Click the link: Contact form.

About us

AKT represents the entry and exit of journeys. The community mission lies in the operation, management and development of public transport infrastructure.

For more information, click the link: About us.

There are currently nine professional areas in which we have divided our responsibilities into:

– Bus facilities
– Bus terminals
– Ferry terminals
– Entrance parking
– Bicycle hotel, bicycle stands
– Facilitating micro-mobility
– Bus stops
– Public transport hubs
– Driver facilities

See more about our areas of responsibility by clicking the link: Areas of responsibility.

You can find information about our management by clicking the link: Management.

You find our annual reports and strategic plans by clicking the link: Reports  

To contact Akershus public transport terminals, use the following link: Contact form.

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