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Name change as a result of County dissolution

Viken county is now history, and as a result of that, Viken kollektivterminaler FKF has become Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF (AKT).

The company's social mission is the same as before, and includes operation, management and development of public transport infrastructure in Akershus. In addition, AKT is responsible for the Oslo bus terminal and the Aker brygge ferry terminal for the Nesodd ferry.

At the start of 2024, AKT is working within the following areas of responsibility:

  • Bus facilities
  • Entrance parking
  • Driver facilities
  • Bus terminals
  • Ferry terminals
  • Public transport hubs
  • Bus stops
  • Bicycle hotels, bicycle stands
  • Stands/charging facilities for micromobility
  • Commercial activities in connection with the public transport infrastructure, such as advertising, rental to kiosks and catering establishments

Read about the name change in the article below, in the link called News from Akershus County Municipality (article in Norwegian).

News from Akershus County Municipality


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