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Akershus kollektivterminaler celebrates 25 years anniversary🥳

Foto collage av ni bilder i farger, viser kollektivterminaler og reisende

For 25 years, we have contributed to people preferring to travel by public transport:
➡️ We facilitated the start and end of the public transport journey
➡️ We developed sustainable value creation
➡️ We facilitated for establishing the red city buses in Lillestrøm
➡️ We contributed to improving the drivers' working conditions
➡️ We switched to electric work vehicles
➡️ We modernized and facilitated for the public transport companies
➡️ We took over responsibility for all the county's bus and ferry terminals and stops
➡️ We facilitated so that as many people as possible were able to chose public transport
➡️ We provided the commuters with access parking, bicycle hotels and micromobility parking

For 25 years, we have contributed to the fact that 400 000 people prefer to travel by public transport every day ❤️

(Photo: top left – Tangen terminal, the public transport hub at Nesodden, photo – Jean Lorentzen for Noma arkitekter AS, top middle – red buses at the Leiraveien bus garage, photo – GS/AKT, top right – photo of assistance service for peoples wit disabilities at a bus terminal, photo – Morten Brun for AKT. Middle row left: a driver collects free coffee in the break room at the bus terminal, photo - Morten Brun for AKT, middle - customer host at the bus terminal, photo - Espen Rødsand, Achieved Media for AKT, right – advertising spaces at a bus terminal, photo – Ocean Outdoor. Bottom left – traveler waiting for the ferry, photo – GS/AKT, middle – janitors with their electric work car fleet in front of Lillestrøm bus terminal, photo – SAZ/AKT, right – service offer at bus terminal, photo – Morten Brun for AKT)

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