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Sustainability in AKT

The UN's sustainability goals consist of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. The sustainability goals see environment, economy and social conditions in context. We at AKT have selected some of these goals where we believe that our line of work with the infrastructure for public transport can help to positively influence development. We want to deliver sustainable value creation, and have this mindset with us from the drawing board through the project phase and into daily operations.

Good health and well-being

AKT facilitates so that citizens can walk or cycle to public transport, rather than driving by car. We offer bicycle stands and bicycle hotels in connection with our public transport terminals and hubs. We interact closely with the other actors within public transport and roads, to highlight terminal areas where it would be appropriate to create or improve pedestrian and cycle paths. We make terminals and stops more inviting, to help people see public transport as more attractive than private cars. Traveling by public transport saves emissions and contributes to better air quality.

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Decent work and economic growth

Work, economic growth and distribution counteract poverty, and promote participation and inclusion. AKT makes demands for decent working conditions in the projects carried out and towards our suppliers. AKT develops and upgrades the driver facilities at bus garages, public transport hubs and end stops, in order to add to the public transport drivers having a better and decent working day.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Public transport and the infrastructure needed around it, requires large investments. Managing these investments in the best possible way, is our goal and a foundation to our social mission. Therefore, our deliveries are subject for high expectations from our partners and customers directed. We are meeting these expectations with ever increased efficiency, raising the competence of our employees and keeping a high standard for our management. Creating a work environment for creativity, testing and interdisciplinarity is part of our success criteria. Cooperating and sharing with the rest of the public transport sector, the local authorities and business interests surrounding the public transport system, is key for us to drive the development forward in a sustainable direction.

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Reduced inequalities

We work to contribute to that as many people as possible are able to choose to travel by public transport. Therefore, working with universal design is a well established and natural part of all our engineering. Furthermore, ongoing improvements are made to the existing infrastructure, in order to increase the accessibility of public transport for people with disabilities.

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We are helping to facilitate lower emissions, by providing electricity infrastructure at bus facilities and by facilitating for more people to choose public transport, as well as being able to cycle, walk ore use micromibility to buses and ferries. We establish supplementary financing such as renting areas to commercial businesses like coffee shops or kiosks at the public transport hubs, in order faster to be able to develop these hubs in a sustainable manner. We reuse materials rather than buying new when upgrading and maintaining the infrastructure we manage.

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Climate action

Å reise kollektivt er utslippsbesparende, og bidrar til bedre luftkvalitet. Eksempler på klimatiltak fra foretakets prosjektering av bussanleggene: oppsamlingssystem for spill og kjemikalier, tatt opp gamle ståltanker, opprettet vaskehall for buss for 85% vannbesparelse, opprettet el-infrastruktur. Videre en rekke mindre tiltak, som etablering av kjøremønster som hindrer tomgangskjøring og oppføring av tilstrekkelig tak over bussparkering for å hindre riming på bussrutene og derved fjerne behovet for oppvarming av bussene før kjøring. AKT er med på å legge til rette for lavere utslipp ved el-infrastruktur ved bussanlegg og ved å tilrettelegge for at flere skal velge å reise kollektivt, samt kunne sykle eller gå til buss og ferge.

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Partnerships for the goals

For å lykkes i arbeidet med bærekraftmålene, er vi avhengige av et godt, transparent og nært samarbeide med alle aktuelle aktører tilknyttet kollektivtrafikken.

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