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Bus terminals

VKT is responsible for all bus terminals in the area of Akershus, and for Oslo bus terminal.

The bus terminals vary in size and design, but what they all have in common is that we plow snow, cut grass, empty the rubbish bins, maintain asphalt and markings, change light bulbs, wash and keep an eye on them. Contrast markings, guide lines and other universal design are also an important part of the organization of a bus terminal. Some terminals have open shelters, others have indoor waiting facilities with toilets and a kiosk. Oslo bus terminal is also serviced, and you will find a number of facilities that you can read about on Oslo bus terminal's website, by clicking the link: OBT.

In recent years, we have upgraded two to four terminals per year, both in terms of universal design and in order to adapt to the longer and heavier 15-metre electric articulated buses, which replace the 12-metre buses the terminals were originally designed for. We are allways looking for improvement potential for your public transport experience.

Parkeringsplass med røde og grønne busser på bussterminal med mange perronger.
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