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People in AKT

Finn ut hvem som er ansatt i Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF

Foto av Ante Marasovic

Ante Marasovic


"In my job, I meet many new people and challenges every day. That is what drives me forward.”

Hossein Haidari


"Being able to solve various technical problems and see the results of my work, gives me a sense of mastery and satisfaction."

Portrettfoto av mann i grå genser med hvit logo på.
Foto av Merete Kolstad Hadland

Merete Kolstad Hadland

""After many years as a lawyer in the private sector within international tax law, I was ready for new challenges both professionally and organizationally, and therefore started at VKT with work within public procurement."

Procurement consultant

Simon Carl Kolstad Brunsell

Quality advisor

"For me, the company holds two exciting dimensions: the areas of responsibility and the vision - We contribute to people choosing to travel by public transport."

Foto av Simon Carl Kolstad Brunsell
Portrettfoto av kvinne med mørk draktjakke og oransje skjerf

Ellen Elisabeth Bech Spangelid

Traffic manager/customer host

"I work at AKT because I enjoy it, which I did from day one, almost 10 years ago.

Maria Sapienza

Traffic manager/customer host

"I really enjoy working in this industry. Here, the days are both exciting, varied and at times quite hectic. I think it's extra fun when there's a lot going on!"

Foto av Maria Sapienza
Animasjon i farger av to smilende mennesker som sitter ved et bord og drikker kaffe med et vindu i bakgrunnen ut mot en ferge.

Work at AKT

Would you like to contribute to sustainable value creation for the residents of Viken county? Join the team!

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