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Ellen Bech

Customer host / traffic manager

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I worked in logistics and distribution with a customer focus in Oslo for 23 years before joining AKT. Prior to this, I worked as a restaurant carpenter, caretaker and later on as a carpenter on house construction. I trained as a carpenter at the end of the 70s, but left this profession during the downturn in the early 1990s, when the demand for this skill decreased.

Why did I choose to work with what I do?

I enjoy meeting with people, and want to contribute to more people choosing to travel by public transport. My insight of the city of Oslo and my local geography knowledge adds an extra dimension when tourists arrive that I can assist. Either if there are things they want to see, or in terms of how to get around the city, or if they just wants tips on nice places to visit. I thrive in a slightly hectic work environment. 

Why do I work at AKT?

I work at VKT because I enjoy it, which I did from day one, almost 10 years ago. We have a good working environment and good colleagues, we are a county municipality company, and I really appreciate that. In my job at AKT, I can also use some of my experience from logistics and customer service, which is something I really enjoy.

My contribution

I am more than happy to help a colleague who has questions, be it about door control, minor computing or other things; I am not afraid to try even if it means I fail a little - better to risk making a mistake once, than not to try at all. I value good collegial cooperation, and I am cheerful, open and honest. I always prepare new coffee when I empty the pot, then the next person can just press the button to get coffee. I am lucky enough to be a shop steward, and thereby I get the opportunity to contribute to positive things for my colleagues in AKT as well.

My favorite terminal

Oslo bus terminal. This is my place of work, and I consider it my terminal, that I know inside and out. 

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