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Hossein Haidari


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I have worked for many years as a security gard, the last four years as guard leader. In addition, I have a solid background in construction, where I studied and worked as a bricklayer.

Why did I choose to work with what I do?

I chose to work as a janitor because I like having a practical and varied job. Being able to contribute to maintaining and improving public transport terminals and bus stops, gives me a feeling of making a positive difference for the society.

Why do I work at AKT?

I have worked at AKT for just over a year, because I enjoy being able to take responsibility for keeping public transport terminals and bus stops in good condition. Being able to solve various technical problems and see the results of my work gives me a sense of mastery and satisfaction.

My contribution

As a janitor, my contribution is to ensure that terminals and stops are safe, functional and well maintained. I take care of everything from cleaning and maintenance to dealing with various technical problems that may arrise. By being reliable and dedicated in my work, I contribute to creating a good and safe environment for those who use public transport.

My favorite terminal

My favorites are Oslo bus terminal and Lysaker bus terminal.

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