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Merete Kolstad Hadland

Procurement consultant

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I have a long background as a lawyer within international tax law from the private sector.

Why did I choose to work with what I do?

After many years as a lawyer in the private sector within international tax law, I was ready for new challenges both professionally and organisationally, and therefore started at VKT with work within public procurement.

Why do I work at AKT?

At AKT, I have the opportunity for professional development within public procurement and contract law. As the only lawyer in VKT, and with responsibility for AKT's entire contract portfolio, this gives me a great deal of responsibility, which I take very seriously and enjoy. As the company lawyer, I also receive other exciting legal issues, and no two days are the same!

At AKT, there is a strong focus on a good working environment, and an open and inclusive culture. For me, the good working environment is an important reason why I work at AKT.

My contribution

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a beautiful bouquet of incredibly good colleagues, who make me look forward to coming to work every day! In fact, I'm so eager that I'm usually the first person in the office, which my colleagues enjoy, as they always come for freshly brewed coffee.

I am also very keen that we have a good working environment and always stand up when my colleagues need both professional and interpersonal advice.

My favorite terminal

Tangen bus and ferry terminal at Nesodden! The terminal underwent a major upgrade in 2021 and 2022, and I was involved in the entire process from the procurement of an architect to the contractor. Our collective project resulted in a lovely terminal we are very proud to offer our travelers!

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