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Simon Carl Kolstad Brunsell

Quality advisor

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My work experience comes from 9 years in operational security of objects worth shielding in a government organisation, functioning as team leader and end user of electronic security systems. Schoolwise, I have a bachelor's degree in preparedness and crisis management, individual subjects in management from PHS, security management from BI and a certificate in security. There is always something to learn, so I am probably not done with schooling.

Why did I choose to work with what I do?

It was a random path to follow after my military service, and a path that has been made over time. But my interest in security, preparedness and internal control has grown. It is exciting to be able to dig into risks, plan for the unexpected and not only find deviations, but to work preventively to ensure that deviations are not repeated.

Why do I work at AKT?

A unique opportunity opened up in a newly created position as a quality advisor, in a forward-looking and environmentally oriented company. For me, the company has two exciting dimensions: the area of responsibility and the vision
"We contribute to people preferring to travel by public transport".

Trust-based management is practiced throughout the company, which means that I manage large parts of my everyday life myself. It also means that the employer is flexible.

For me, the working environment is important, and it is therefore fun to come to work every day to meet smiling colleagues who are always helpful and who are happy to have a chat by the coffee machine.

My contribution

As the youngest in the administration, it is often me that colleagues come to when they have challenges with ICT. No, age is probably not the reason, it is probably due to my interest in ICT, and also - it is nice to be able to help!

As a person, I like structure and universal design on digital surfaces. Otherwise, it is important to me that everyone should feel comfortable at the workplace, where we sped 1/3 of the day!

My favorite terminal

Oslo bus terminal has to be my favourite! This is based on its complexity, considering the social function of Norway's largest bus terminal. Here, the company has a major responsibility for operating one of Oslo's public transport arteries, by ensuring traffic flow, information, accessibility and safety.

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