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Would you like to contribute to sustainable value creation? Join the team!

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Who is Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF?

Akershus kollektivterminaler (AKT), is a county municipal enterprise in Akershus. Our head office is centrally located above Oslo bus terminal, while our project and development department plus our operations base are located at Lillestrøm bus terminal.

Our social mission lies within the operation, management, construction and development of public transport infrastructure. The areas of responsibility include bus facilities, bus terminals, bus stops, entrance parking, ferry terminals/wharf facilities, bicycle stands/bicycle hotels, public transport hubs, bus driver facilities and infrastructure for micro-mobility. 

We are a customer-focused operating organization, with travelers and public transport operators as end users of our services. We organize the start and end of the public transport journey, in order to make it easy and attractive to choose public transport. We contribute to people preferring to travel by public transport.

We are welcoming colleagues who take an active and responsible role in our organization, and that contribute positively to a good working environment. We find diversity to be a strength, and we encourage everyone who is qualified according to the position's requirements to apply.

We are not allowed to assess open applications, but please search for us using the links below and save your search, and you will be notified at the next announcement:


Foto av Merete Kolstad Hadland

Merete Kolstad Hadland

Procurement consultant

""After many years as a lawyer in the private sector within international tax law, I was ready for new challenges both professionally and organizationally, and therefore started at VKT with work within public procurement."

Ante Marasovic


"In my job, I meet many new people and challenges every day. That is what drives me forward.”

Foto av Ante Marasovic
Foto av Maria Sapienza

Maria Carmelina Sapienza

Traffic manager/customer host

"I really enjoy working in this industry. Here, the days are both exciting, varied and at times quite hectic. I think it's extra fun when there's a lot going on!"

Simon Carl Kolstad Brunsell

Quality advisor

"For meg har foretaket to spennende dimensjoner: ansvarsområde og visjonen – Vi bidrar til at folk foretrekker å reise kollektivt».»

Foto av Simon Carl Kolstad Brunsell

Vacant positions

Would you like to contribute to sustainable value creation? Join the team!

People in AKT

Here you can find an overview of who works for Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF.

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