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Public transport hubs

Public transport hubs are areas where several forms of passenger transport are connected to each other. There can be entrance parking for cars, bicycle hotels and micromobility with transfer to bus, tram, ferry, train, railway and taxi. There are often service offers such as kiosks and catering facilities, customer toilets and luggage storage at public transport hubs.

Oslo Bus Terminal is the largest hub for which VKT is responsible. Here, the terminal was redesigned and upgraded in the summer of 2019 into a living urban space in the capital. There is an entrance from Grønland with its square and bustling public life in Oslo East, from city buses, trams and taxis in the street towards the new Barcode, and through to Oslo S and the center in the west.

Good flow, clear signage, upgraded service offers and assistance services for people with disabilities are available at Oslo Bus Terminal. Furthermore, the terminal has updated security systems, and offers ticket machines and high resolution screens for arrival/departure times. It is staffed by pleasant customer hosts at two serviced info points. Luggage storage and toilets are universally designed like the rest of the terminal.

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