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Driver facilities

At the end of 2020, VKT is responsible for a total of 53 driver facilities in Viken county, geographical area Akershus. Sustainability target 8, which includes decent work, is built up through frequent cleaning and good maintenance. Ten of these driver facilities have been newly built at Romerike (6 are in use, 4 are under construction at the end of the year). A further nine are planned in Follo, and more are planned for Asker/Bærum.

VKT works to help facilitate a decent working day for this important occupational group. There are separate toilets for women and men, at the request of the drivers. At the bus facilities and the largest terminals, there are also break rooms, in some places also exercise rooms and shower facilities. Free coffee and cooking facilities are available at the largest driver facilities. VKT thanks you for the good work the drivers do every single day, and for good dialogue about needs and wishes.

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