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Bus stops

In some places, there lives so few people that the stop consists only of a bus sign. However, that does not mean that there is nothing going on there.

Bus stops are cleared of snow in the winter, usually by hand by caretakers in our operations department. The surrounding grass is cut, and if there is a rubbish bin there, it is emptied regularly. The sign is kept in order and washed, and the asphalt and any markings are kept intact. We take pride in looking after the areas where you wait for the bus.

Elsewhere, there are bus stop so frequently used, that it may contain both shelters, bicycle racks and charging infrastructure for micromobility. The shelter can have a rest bench, rubbish bin, lighting and advertising. It can be a shelter with or without windows.

In recent years, we at VKT have taken over responsibility for all bus stops and bus terminals along county roads in Akershus. We are well underway with the improvement of an inherited maintenance backlog at these locations.

Do you have any feedback for us? You can contact the operations department by clicking the link: Contact form.

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