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Big new advertising agreement

Foto av fire smilende menn på en parkeringsplass med buss i bakgrunnen.

Did you know that the income from our advertising sales is reinvested in its entirety in the public transport infrastructure we manage? This is an example of supplementary funding, which allows us to develop the the quality of the public transport infrastructure at a high pace, without burdening the public treasury more than necessary. This is an agreement that really benefits the citizens. Please read more in the articles linked below (in Norwegian).

News fra ClearChannel (in Norwegian)

(In the picture, from the left: Nils Li, establishment manager at ClearChannel, Roar Horn, project coordinator at VKT, Morten Sandberg, operations manager at VKT, Jafar Altememy, managing director at VKT. Photo: Cecilie Foss, ClearChannel).


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