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Areas of responsibility

Here you will find information about what we do and our areas of work.







Who is Akershus kollektivterminaler?

Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF, (called AKT for short), is a county municipal enterprise in Akershus county. Our community mission lies within the operation, management, construction and development of public transport infrastructure in Akershus, and some in Oslo (Oslo Bus terminal and Aker Brygge ferry terminal for Nesoddfergen).

Customer groups

AKT is customer-oriented, and works to give travelers the best possible overall experience when traveling by public transport, to help as many people as possible choose public transport, cycling and walking.

The enterprice's other large customer group is the operators, with the drivers as end users. In relation to this group, AKT consciously contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 8, which includes decent work, including through increased maintenance of existing facilities and the construction of more driver facilities, high frequency of cleaning, free coffee etc. This is in addition to arranging bus lines, quay facilities and the external facilities at terminals and stops.  

This includes around 2,000 bus and ferry stops and terminals and 53 driver facilities. The enterprice also has some commercial activities, such as renting out premises for kiosks and catering outlets at terminals, and advertising space (advertising).

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